So, you’re moving house. The contracts have been signed, keys have been exchanged and the day of the move has arrived. All of your worldly possessions have been packed into nondescript cardboard boxes and you’re ready to go, when you suddenly realise that you’re not entirely sure how you’re going to transport everything to your new home – you thought everything would fit into your car, but it clearly won’t and now you’re completely stuck. What are you going to do, make two trips? Three? This isn’t the way that the day is supposed to go.

That’s one scenario. In an alternate world, you called Man With A Van, knowing that you’d not only be charged a far more reasonable amount than most moving companies offer but also that your transportation would arrive in plenty of time to help you load and unload your things. Removals of all kinds are just one of the services that we offer customers throughout locations around London and the south-east of the UK. Whether you’re moving relatively small things like books and chairs or you’re taking your kitchen appliances and bedroom furnishings to your new home, Man With A Van can make the entire process secure and, vitally, as stress-free as possible on what can be one of the most taxing days of your year, if not your life.

Doesn't that sound more appealing than trying to handle the removals process by yourself? Of course it does. Give us a call today to check that we’re available when you need us to be and to get a quote for our services.

Courier Services

Whenever you hear the word “courier”, the temptation, inevitably, is to think of someone on a motorcycle or a pushbike weaving in and out of lanes of rush-hour traffic to get small items from building to building. Equally, when you order something online, it may be sent to you via a special delivery service rather than through regular post.

However, if you’ve got something you absolutely need to get to someone right away and it won’t fit in or on a bike and there’s no time to sort out a delivery service, the Man With A Van courier services are by far your best bet. With the space to deliver almost anything safely and securely and a commitment to get the contents of the van delivered to where they need to be on time, we can be an invaluable and affordable resource when you’re on a deadline to get something delivered.